Tactical Athlete Programming 

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What is KOLONOS RX ?

KOLONOS RX is the brain child of our owners; Johnny and the Matt's.  We wanted to create a realistic, tough, functional fitness and Tactical Training program that everyone can commit to.  We took our Military Special Operations training, Law Enforcement Special Operations training and CrossFit training and merged them into a hybrid 8 week training program.   

No matter where you are in life, we want you to get fit and stay fit. Being physically and mentally fit has a direct impact on your quality of life.  At SpartanCore we are committed to your success, we want to help you live a healthy lifestyle so you can enjoy all the things you want to in life.

Train Hard. Fight Harder. 


The "So What" 

KOLONOS RX can improve your fitness and combat/defensive readiness using a combination of tactical high-stress training and fitness programming. 

During a very stressful event, your body releases a chemical known as epinephrine "Adrenaline".  This is a natural response your body has in order to power you through the potentially life or death situation.  During this event, your body has physiological effects to include; memory loss, loss of fine motor skills, elevated blood pressure and heart rate, faster breathing, and tunnel vision.  The good news? Your body doesn't know the difference between a stressful life event and high stress training.  KOLONOS RX is designed to put you in an environment where those physical and mental stressors are controlled, improving your performance and effectiveness over time 

KOLONOS RX workout programming uses all facets of strength, power, speed, and agility to improve your combat fitness level to the highest potential.  We mix this 8 week fitness programming with our KOLONOS Tactical Weapons Training Courses for a well rounded high stress training regiment.  GET SOME

Tactical Athlete

What's That?

Tactical Athlete- an individual who trains for combat readiness using a comprehensive Athletic approach. Tactical Athletes use all facets of strength, power, speed, and agility to improve their combat fitness level to their highest potential.

To us here at SpartanCore this term also means a Mindset, a Purpose, a State of Readiness.  Having that warrior mindset, having a purpose driven life, being a defender of your family, country, and community.  Not only having the skillset but having the physical and mental tools to rise to the occasion.  

No matter your current skillset or fitness level, we want you to train with us.  Don't let the word "Tactical Athlete" deter you from giving this program a try.  Come train alongside like-minded individuals, whatever your fitness/shooting goals are, join our community and we will help you reach them!